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hey babe,

Hope you are staying safe and sound in this time of chaos.

I'm currently thriving and surviving in Manhattan, taking this time to practice safe social interaction and to invest in myself: physically, emotionally and spiritually. From diving into some deep manifestation work to becoming a certified 305 Fitness Instructor, I've been staying busy and striking a balance in my life. Some other favorite quarantini activities include: jamming on acoustic guitar, laying on my roof in the sun and doodling calligraphy in my journal. Despite this, I am so grateful for every bit of progress we take towards our "new normal" and look forward to adjusting to a more digital approach, especially with my ~*sick*~ new self tape set up.

I'm so proud to be a part of this fiercely supportive community of actors and artists. To seek or offer help, click here for a list of resources. Thanks for stopping by, take care!

Big Love,


Ashley LaCambria 

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